Vaisala radiosonde and balloon during a radiosounding at Lampedusa

A Vaisala Digicora III system is operated since 2004 with RS-80 radiosondes for the measurement of pressure, temperature, water vapor, wind speed and direction profiles.

The humidity sensor of the RS-80 sonde is subject to degradation due to aging of the sonde, and its performance is influenced by chemical contamination, temperature dependence, basic calibration model, ground check, and sensor arm heating. For these reasons, the humidity data have been corrected according to [Wang, J., Cole, H. L., Carlson, D. J., Miller, E. R., Beierle, K., Paukkunen, A. & Laine, T. K. (2002). Corrections of Humidity Measurement Errors from the Vaisala RS80 Radiosonde Application to TOGA COARE Data. J. Atmos. Ocean. Technol. 19, 981-1002].

The system has recently been upgraded to launch RS-92 radiosondes.