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International network for harmonization of atmospheric aerosol retrievals from ground based photometers

Start date - 25/10/2022
End date - 24/10/2026
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Aerosols are particles floating in the Earth's atmosphere linked with the largest uncertainty on estimates and interpretations of the Earth's changing energy budget. Measurement principles differ depending on the desired derived aerosol optical parameter and on the measurement platform (surface or space).
The common aerosol columnar properties' retrieval techniques, consists of direct measurement of a bright source of radiation (sun, star, moon, sky) with a multi-wavelength photometers. Several global photometric aerosol networks exist. However, there are several instrumental, algorithm and hardware based differences on their related aerosol products and a global standardization is needed. In addition, in order to improve and optimize sun- and moon- photometric aerosol measurements, a network of aerosol scientists and operators, aerosol measurement users and software, hardware developers is needed.
The objective of "HARMONIA" Action is to establish a network involving institutions, instrument developers, scientific and commercial end users, in order to improve and homogenize aerosol retrievals using mainly solar and sky but also lunar and star photometers from different networks. It aims bridging user needs and the science and technology expertise residing in academia and industry, through:
  • Increasing the interactions and knowledge exchanges between several atmospheric aerosol network measurement scientists and users.
  • Standardizing and improving of existing aerosol products and tools, towards a "harmony" in the aerosol photometry.
  • Stimulating the communication between operational agencies and academia, with the aim to increase the applicability of aerosol products.
  • Encouraging and organizing the dialogue between researchers and instrument manufacturers, towards innovation actions on current and future photometric-aerosol instrumentation.
Management Committee for Italy:
Monica Campanelli, CNR-ISAC,
Daniela Meloni, ENEA,