Projects - ChArMEx

The Chemistry-Aerosol Mediterranean Experiment

The project ChArMEx aims at a scientific assessment of the present and future state of the atmospheric environment and of its impacts in the Mediterranean basin.
Objectives of the project are to set up a coordinated experimental and modeling international effort based on updated tools for an estimation of regional budgets of tropospheric trace species, of their trends, and of their impacts on air quality, marine biogeochemistry, and regional climate
The project proposes a multi-scale model-observation integrated strategy with satellite and field observations in the Mediterranean basin based on 3 different approaches: long, enhanced and short observation periods.
Lampedusa Enea Station for Climatic Observation "R. Sarao" is a Supersite for all the 3 observation periods, in particular as a background site for the Long term observation period (5-10+yr) and the enhanced observation period (2-3yr) and as a Supersite for the ChArMeX-ANR intensive field campaign in June-July 2013.
The following institutions, in addition to ENEA, have deployed instruments and are taking part in the measurement campaign at Lampedusa:
In addition, measurements are made also at Capo Granitola (37.6°N, 12.7°E) within a collaboration with the Istituto per l'Ambiente Marino Costiero del Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (
The measurements at Capo Granitola are made jointly by the following institutes: